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Our Strengths

HOSPITALITY REPRESENTATIONS represents global tourism brands in India as a satellite office and performs with full responsibilities. With its wide B2A sales networking, HOSPITALITY REPRESENTATIONS gives business development support to reflect in the upward numbers. When a new client shows interest, HOSPITALITY REPRESENTATIONS suggests market research with SWOT Analysis from the product perspective and based on the report suggests the best way forward. HOSPITALITY REPRESENTATIONS leadership comprises high-profile industry leaders giving clients an added advantage of seamless Public Relations, B2B travel media networking and social media outreach. 

HOSPITALITY REPRESENTATIONS can activate its services at any pitch in any order for the best result!

B2A Ditibutn

1. Largest B2A distribution

Hospitality Representations has India's largest business-to-agent distribution network, providing businesses with access to a vast network of agents across the country. Our services help to bridge the gap between businesses and agents, connecting them through our reliable and efficient distribution system. With our services, businesses can ensure their products are quickly and reliably distributed to agents, providing them with the support they need to succeed.

2. 360° Sales & Marketing

Our 360° Sales and Marketing service provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to help your business reach its full potential. We provide a suite of services, including market research, lead generation, advertising, and brand building, to ensure your business is successful. Our team of professionals will develop a tailored strategy to meet your individual needs and drive sales.

360 Sales & Marketing

3. Microsite and Gamification

Our Microsite & Gamification services provide a fun and engaging way to represent your company’s message. Our team of experts will create custom-designed microsites and gamification activities that will capture your audience’s attention and help you reach your desired goals. With our help, you can create an interactive experience that will keep your customers engaged and excited to learn more about your brand.

4. Presentations

Our presentation service provides high-quality visuals and engaging content to help you effectively communicate your message to your target audience. Our experienced team of designers and presenters will work with you to create a memorable and impactful presentation. We guarantee satisfaction and an unforgettable experience for your audience.

5. Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing service helps businesses reach their target audience and promote their brand online. We utilize a variety of strategies, including content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing, to maximize visibility and engagement. Our team of professionals will create a tailored, effective strategy for your business to help you reach your goals.

6. Social Media

Our Social Media service helps you reach new customers and build relationships with existing ones. We create custom strategies to engage your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and increase brand awareness. We use data to track progress and continuously refine your campaigns for maximum impact.

7. Customised Videos

Our Customised Video service allows you to create a unique, professional video tailored to your exact needs. We use the latest technology to produce high-quality videos that showcase your brand, product, or service in the best light possible. With our experience and expertise in the video production industry, you can trust us to deliver the perfect customised video for your business.

8. Public Relations

Our Public Relations service provides you with the necessary support to build, maintain and strengthen relationships with your stakeholders. We create tailored strategies to help you communicate with your target audience, strengthen your brand image and create positive conversations to drive your success. Our team of experienced professionals will help you build a successful PR strategy and deliver measurable results.

PR & B2B

9. B2B Media Networking

Our B2B media networking service allows businesses to connect and share content with other businesses in their industry. We provide access to a wide range of media and marketing materials, enabling businesses to gain insight into their competitors and collaborate with potential partners. Our service ensures that businesses have the latest information to make informed decisions.

10. Road Shows

Road Shows are an excellent way to increase brand recognition and create a buzz around your product or service. Our team of experts will work with you to create an innovative and engaging road show experience that will capture the attention of your target audience and help you reach your goals. We'll handle everything from setting up the venue to handling the logistics of getting to and from the destination. We guarantee that our road shows will be memorable and effective, leaving a lasting impact on those who attend. 

11. Special Events

At our Representation Company, we specialize in creating memorable Special Events that will make your occasion stand out from the rest. From large-scale corporate events and conferences to intimate weddings and private parties, our team of experienced professionals can provide a tailored service to meet your exact needs. We guarantee a unique event that will make lasting memories for you and your guests.

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